Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ah, fuck....

So, obviously from the last post being nearly a month ago I haven't done much of anything. We have been pretty busy on some projects; a truck, a fish tank and a trip to Pittsburgh and fell short of watching all the kick ass movies we have stacked up. Since I prefer the essence of cheap scares along with blood and gore at night I will be waiting til this evening to start catching up. But we did go buy House of the Dead Overkill for Nintendo Wii today.

The game is pretty cheesy, pretty awesome, kinda stupid, pretty awesome. It's a first person shooter and it's got the zombies they only call mutants. The weapons aren't the best ever and the narration well...fuck off...but I like everything else. Especially this guy;

A fucking giant with a baby that talks hanging off his belly and mutant clowns that do flips when they are attacking you.

O.K. we will be back after some gaming and bring a movie to ya.

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