Saturday, July 11, 2009

Walled In (2009)

Hey kids, here's our take on this movie. It starts out with Mischa Barton as a newly-graduated engineering student. As a gift, her father offers her the chance to supervise her first demolition job on a large apartment building placed strangely in what seems to be the middle of nowhere. On her first visit to the future demolition site, she encounters a rather strange group of individuals who are still occupying the building. Soon she learns more about the building, it's eccentric architect and the murders that happened there fifteen years ago. (This is where the walled-in part comes in... it seems that victims found themselves in a narrow chamber and right as they woke up, they were buried alive in concrete.) We'll let you decide if you want to experience this film on your own or have us ruin all the fun for you...

We can say this much for now, this bizarre film is less than terrifying and does not deliver much gore either. All in all, a pretty disappointing 'horror' movie, but that's not too surprising. This movie is based on a book and the last time I checked, the only author that crosses over even remotely well to live action is Stephen King. Anyone disagree?

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