Monday, July 13, 2009

Pencils down kidds...

So we watched Eraserhead (1977) by David Lynch, last night and wow! This movie is nothing short of bizarre. Henry Spencer played by Jack Nance, Henry lives in a pretty weird industrial setting. When Henry gets his girlfriend Mary X pregnant, her mother insists they get married. The baby is a mutant wrapped in gauze that somewhat resembles E.T. Henry has some pretty fucked up dreams with a blowfish woman who sings 'In Heaven'. For me the most bizarre part of the movie was a dream Henry had in which his head flew off and the mutated face of his baby came up through his neck and his head landed on the cement below. A child runs by and picks up the head (as if this is a normal occurence) takes it to a factory where his brain is drilled into and turned into....did you guess it...eraser heads... In the end Henry attempts to cut the baby out of the gauze and finds its organs out in the open now. He stabs the organs with the scissors and and oatmeal like pourage comes pourring out of the mutation, Henry runs to a corner and tries to starre away. The only interpretation I can come up with for the ending is that Henry dies and is united with the blowfish woman who sang for him before while bright lights flash.

This movie is the most abstract and disturbing view on becoming a husband and father in the same day I could imagine. The entire movie is has so much to interpret that you could take away a different view of it everytime.

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