Friday, October 30, 2009

My Bloody Valentine...

Where to start?!

The original My Bloody Valentine came out in 1981. The movie starts off with a man in a miner's suit hanging out in a mine with a woman who begins taking her clothes off. The miner puts his pick axe in the wall, the woman has a heart tattoo right in that spot where you know...the heart is...anyway...the miner slams the woman into the pick axe and the next thing you know there is a human heart in a heart shaped candy box. Fast forward much people are being killed by Harry Warden, or so people think, a man who was caught in a mine collapse and lived on the bodies of other miners. The moral of the story becomes the town can't celebrate Valentine's day because that is what led to the supervisor's of the mine leaving without making sure everything was done right. So Harry Warden is locked in an asylum and the town lives in fear of candy boxes with body parts. As the sheriff and mayor realize they cancel all festivities and tell everyone to go home, no parties, no dance, peace out!

Who knew the dumb fucks in town would have a party right at the mine?! Some of the kids go down into the mine cause the girls want to 'take a ride' on the mine cart. As they are walking through the mine they are slowly killed by one... Some kids get away drive to find the sheriff, tell him what's up and another goes down into the mine to get the others. These fuckers are running for their lives and then there were two. The two realize it's their very own friend...not Harry Warden...the sheriff comes..says Harry died 5 years back and viola it's Axel...his father was killed by Harry that first Valentine's day and little Axel saw the entire thing. He goes crawling off into the mine talking to Harry as if he were in his head. Basically, not the best movie.

So, I have to say I love the new one...I gave this one a shot...don't love it...I don't hate it...but there are quite a few differences and the newer is least I think. Characters are changed a bit, the story is better laid out...and much more in depth. My Bloody Valentine (1981) is...alright!

What better to do than continue watching movies on the wonderful night before Halloween?!?!?! We will keep bringing 'em to ya..


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