Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rocky Horror I love you!

I almost began to think my love for Rocky Horror was dying...I haven't seen it in a theater in like 5 years and it was killing me. It's incredible to be surrounded by "Virgins" who have to strip down and stand in a long line to hump each other and run around the theater in underwear. The kidds who get to go in and act out scenes are incredible and you get to throw shit and everyone knows all the lines. It's a fucking good time! So when I found this gorgeous piece of hard candy that I HAD TO HAVE as soon as I saw it I knew my love was still alive!

Once I got it home I couldn't take my eyes off of it, of course I couldn't take anymore of a Rocky Horror break I needed to see it and set it to repeat in my bedroom for an entire day. Once I had my fix for a little while I had an itch to see Tim Curry so I watched Clue and Home Alone 2 as well. I need a theater to pop my 5 year cherry, someone find me one please!!


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