Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is this kid serious?!

I have developed this rediculous love for Valentine...I must admit I had never seen it until recently flipping through channels and much to my boredom I thought...'oh how fun...a shitty movie I never wanted to see'. You see..I (unlike most) NEVER found anything interesting about David Boreanaz, nor could I ever think he was...'oh so gorgeous'. Other than a week that I was sick a few years ago and watched Angel for like two seconds I have never wanted to see him. Then of course there was Denise Richards...blah..that's all I can say...therefore I just never had an interest in this movie, aside from Marley Shelton and her days of Sugar and Spice I probably never would have even given it a thought...Truth is..I was also like 15 when this movie came out and very picky about stupid things like who was in it and if it seemed like shit...I forgot about it...

Anyway...there I was bored one day...and Valentine was on CineMax. I watched it thinking...nothing else is on and I could post this up on the blog (which I didn't get around to until like a fucking month later and it isn't fucking on demand so I have to wait until it's on again). I liked it quickly...and it didn't take long to love it! It's sooo rediculous but a bit creepy, makes you think of the kids you were mean to back in school.

This one is about 4 friends who were mean to a boy in middle school because he had a crush on one or all of them and asked them to dance with him at their Valentine's dance. Each of the girls rejected him but 3 were especially mean. One of the girls is murdered and another gets a nasty box of chocolates with maggots in it. The girls think that Jeremy Melton, the boy they were mean to, has come back for revenge.

So, Valentine (2001) is actually pretty awesome. It's got tricky little clues and totally mimicks Scream. I love me some Scream...put the puzzle peices together could still be wrong. I love movies that leave you hanging til the end when something happens and you realize either you were right or wrong the whole time on who you thought was the killer!

Valentine deserves major props I never gave it for being unoriginal but awesome!!


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